If you deal in packaging and paper and are looking for a new automatic
cutting machine and a cutting solution that can increase your company's
efficiency and productivity, talk to us.



Automatic cutting solutions for the aerostatic sector.


Composite materials

Composite materials, technical fabrics, Kevlar, PVC: Cutting Trading International designs and manufactures automatic cutting solutions for the most different sectors.


Sound absorption

Cutting solutions for sound absorbing fabrics.



Cutting Trading International produces automatic cutting solutions for the packaging and paper converting sector.


Upholstered forniture

Our cutting system is aimed at all companies working in the padded furniture sector, from leather cutting to fabric cutting.



Specialists in the production of cutting solutions in the healthcare and medical sector.



Cutting solutions for the tensile structures sector: construction of outdoor tents, tarpaulins, geodesic, sports facility roofing, pressure static roofing and much more.


Tensile structures

Cutting solutions for the tensile structures sector: construction of outdoor tents, tarpaulins, geodesic, sports facility roofing, pressure static roofing and much more.



Automatic fabric cutting for companies producing household linen, interior curtains, camping tents and much more.

Automatic cutting solutions in the field of packaging and paper

Hi Raptor 2.5

Solutions to increase the productivity of your cutting room.

  • Robust construction and reliable movements of the head allow the achievement of high productivity and a high quality of cut.
  • It is designed to provide maximum performance in single ply cutting operations on most materials, can be supplied as a single ply conveyor or single ply static. Innovative solutions as “quick release” system for easy and fast tool replacement, gives our system a wide flexibility of use.
  • The specifically designed carpet of the single ply automatic cutting table increases the friction with the material and gives you energy savings up to 70%.
  • Hi Raptor can lodge up to five different tools at he same time, making it extremely versatile and suitable for every type of application.



We specialise in the automated cutting of natural textile fibres, synthetic fibres, PVC, plastics, Carbonium, Kevlar, glass fibre and much more.



Cutting Trading International specialises in the design and production of automatic cutting systems that allow you to increase productivity while saving on materials.

For over twenty years we have been a leader in fabric cutting, in sectors ranging from sunshades to the automotive industry, from upholstered furniture to technical fabric and wherever innovative cutting technology is required.

Leader in the cutting world

Cutting Trading International has managed over the years to create an automated cutting system capable of increasing performance and production efficiency in the field of packaging and paper.


Discover the recommended configuration for each field of application.


Machines for automatic cutting and spreading of fabrics

Upholstered furniture

Machines for cutting leather in upholstered furniture

Tensile structures

Cutting solutions for the tensile structures sector

Composite Materials

Composite materials, technical fabrics, Kevlar, PVC.


Cutting solutions for the aerostatic sector


Cutting solutions for the packaging industry

Quality is our goal

We therefore believe we stand out in terms of the great care and professionalism we put into our job and the way we deal with problems and customizations needs in order to cater to a whole range of different requirements.



We can safely say that we are specialists when it comes to automation applied to the cutting of materials and natural textile fibres, synthetic fibres, PVC, plastic materials, carbon, kevlar, glass fiber and so on.

Our staff of technicians, besides studying the various products, provides a speedy and highly professional after-sales service.

On the telephone

Immediate telephone assistance

On site

On-site assistance within 24 hours.

Book your free online demo

You can connect via Skype with our agents; view our products including technological devices and cutting systems and witness live cutting tests on the most varied types of materials.

Boost your productivity

We can advise you on the cutting configuration that best suits your needs and sector: by choosing Cutting Trading International you can finally increase your company profits, accelerate production without sacrificing quality and precision, optimise the use of materials, reduce waste and focus on the quality of the cut without overlooking cutting speed and precision.


Over twenty years of experience has resulted in our company occupying a lead market position in the field of cutting of a range of fabrics – from sunscreen awnings, to automotive, upholstered furniture, technical fabrics and wherever innovative technology applied to cutting is required.


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